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The Beach at Cabopino
("Pine Cape”) where a large nature reserve with sand dunes and pine trees creates a wonderful backdrop. Parking is close to the beach. Cabopino is unlike anywhere else on the Costa Del Sol. Development has been strictly controlled and the tower blocks that are characteristic elsewhere along the coastline are noticeable by their absence. An old fortified watchtower "Torre Ladrones" still stands proudly by the sand dunes alongside the beach. From its privileged position it is possible to see all along the coast to Marbella and Gibraltar and Africa beyond, a spectacular backdrop to a spectacular beach.

Cabopino is well sheltered and protected from the elements, and artificial reefs on either side of the beach keep the waves and wind at bay. Lifeguards - on duty throughout the summer - combined with the beach's gentle slope into the sea, make

There are several chiringitos (beachside bars and restaurants), where you can buy a drink, ice cream or sample superb seafood at very reasonable prices. 

Puerto Cabopino

Puerto Cabopino (at one end of the beach) is a delightful, bijou marina - home to exclusive yachts as well as an exciting range of restaurants with fine cuisine from all over the globe. Traditional Spanish restaurants are supplemented by chic International eateries, ensuring all palates and budgets are catered for.

The many restaurants and bars are based in three main locations, chiringitos along the beach, a host of restaurants around the marina and a further selection around the square behind the harbour buildings. Puerto Cabopino is a delightful place for lunch or a drink during the day, and in the evening its sophisticated atmosphere is hard to resist.
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